sorry for the delay, anon! these are all ziall, i hope that’s ok. i tend to read that pairing the most since more people write it so there’s better variety overall. if you want any other pairings, let me know.

this is no bridget jones by nicheinhischest: uni!au with slow burn ziall, ziam pining, and stellar ot5 dynamics. there’s a sequel, too.

fevered by cyclogenesis: niall-centric ot5, ziall with voyeuristic boys. there will never be hotter tbh.

but who knows which parts are true? by blackwave: criminal!au, niall and louis as partners in crime and zayn and harry trying to catch them. quite possibly my favorite.

my heart’s still beating like a hammer by lazy_daze: canon (except in the absence of perrie) non-au, nice build-up, great porn, boys figuring things out.

maybe it’s a hangover, maybe i’m in love by lucy_and_ramona: high school!au (or more precisely summer fling before uni!au), casual hookups become more.

can’t hide the way it makes us glow by pukeandcry: boarding school!au, nice tight snapshot of a world with bonus porn.

swag, on you. by intherubble: sex pollen fic where the pollen is justin bieber’s boyfriend. sounds cracky but manages to be insanely hot instead. side narry.

the rhythm of my heart by teaboytoaliens: cute uni!au where niall is the host of a radio show, zayn draws niall’s portrait a lot, and everybody thinks they’re dating.

lost in the thrill of it all by wasp: genderswap roller derby!au. i repeat genderswap roller derby!au what else is there to say.

weight will turn to sunlight by blackwave: ghost fic. zayn moves into a house that’s already occupied, more of a gen piece, lovely. i adore this writer, all their fics are a touch surreal, imaginative and fun and always leave you wanting more. this is no exception. there’s another ghost ziall fic i also enjoyed, but this one edges the other out.

of artists and bros by blueandbrady: iconic fratboy!niall artist!zayn au. an obvious must-read, but i’m sure you have already. there’s a small bit that comes before.

something for the pain by aguantare: football!au. i have a huge thing for sports aus and especially sport injuries and this one hits the spot nicely.

play it sweet, play it cool by skullage: harry/niall/zayn. always here for more threesomes. super hot porn where the feelings sneak up on and overwhelm you, sigh.

with my heart ticking (like a bomb in a birdcage) by bloodofpyke: superhero!au. zayn saves niall, not that he needed saving. cute. seems a bit incomplete, there might be more?

amazing by aguantare: a pwp au. sex on a pool table. obviously hot but really sweet, too.

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